A wonderfully beautiful family!!

The amazing, beautiful, loving Handall sisters

With Austyn at Waikiki Beach


Watching Austyn play T-ball while holding baby Ainsley.  Tinker AFB, Oklahoma


Giving her daughter, Ainsley, a kiss!

A very special moment in time!

A beautiful picture of a Mother and her daughter

Having fun at a birthday party!

My 2 beauties the day we came from
from our OEF deployment.
Loving on her Camdyn
Kissing Camdyn during the Ainsley Pregnancy photo shoot
Taken at the Wing Christmas Party, 2001.
My favorite picture of Dianne
An "Ainsley Pregnancy" pose
With Austyn at Bellows just before sunrise during our first campout
A family dinner in Hawaii
Photos taken during Ambers wedding
Waiting on the ferry to Alcatraz
More photos from Ambers wedding
She was so cold...and tired of the wind...during our trip to Alcatraz
Mornings were special with some yogurt and Austyn on the bench
Waiting for our plane back to Hawaii at the Travis AFB terminal
Taken the day we brought Austyn home from the hospital...beautiful
Downtown Honolulu....pregnant with Austyn in this picture
The two of us during a night out in San Francisco
So very proud of her boys...Austyn and baby Camdyn
With Phil Vasser during her time backstage
At the airport with Natalie...in her AF blues
Taken during our whale-watching trip
Top:  at the Luau with Mom
At a family BBQ in Kailua
Standing atop Warwick Castle
How beautiful...and the bridge is cool too
This picture adorned the front page of the Daily Oklahoman, 1 Jan 02
At dinner with our family
Another picture of her with Austyn at Bellows
Acting goofy with my best friend
Following our hike out to the lighthouse
With her boys at our home in OKC
Lunchtime with Austyn...always an adventure
Playing around in England...that was our first couch
Pouting in our room in England
A fitting picture of a mother and her boys
At the Hard Rock Cafe, Las Vegas, with Austyn
With her dear friend Wendy at OTS
Posing by the waterfall in OKC
Taken at the Paradise Cove Luau...she loved all of the plumeria flowers
The moments that followed this picture were perhaps the scariest...and funniest in our history as parents
Smirking at baby Austyn
At the park with Neally
Thanksgiving dinner with our family
Sleeping on the couch with Austyn.  She was awake...you can see the faint glimpse of her smirk
Another Paradise Cove Luau picture
Taken at the Tulsa Zoo
Primping on Austyn
Just days before departing England and leaving our first cat Ellie Beau
Petting the horses in Kauai
A picture of her at her favorite beach
The proud smile after giving birth to Camdyn
One of Austyn's favorite pictures...building a daisy chain during our trip to Grandma Ermas.
Feeding the goats with Camdyn
Her first time on a snowboard
At Chuck-E-Cheese with Ainsley
Smiling away with Camdyn
Sleepy heads!
3 Handall divas
A family portrait
Riding the carousel in California
Whale watching with Amber and Megan
Loving on her beloved daughter
OTS commissioning ceremony
A rare picture of her in uniform
She loved bathtime with her children
Smirking on our way to Alcatraz
At "Eternity Beach" with Austyn
Wearing one of her favorite dresses
Smiling while walking thru London
With her friend Jennifer
With Ainsley just before the Bear and the Big Blue House show
In front of the London Hard Rock Cafe
Taken at our "eternity beach"
A legendary picture in our family!
Standing in the kitchen of our first home in England
Surprise picture
Little Martha at the pool
A lunch date with her Mom and sisters
Sitting on the Hickam AFB beach with Austyn
Showing Ainsley the yucky bugs

Ainsley's Pregnancy photo shoot

Standing by her daughter's crib

One of her scrapbooking sheets

Getting ready to take our new son, Camdyn, home

Playing with Neally

At Lake Tahoe with Mom, Nat, and Grandma Erma

With Mom and Dad at the airport, 1999

Smiling with her son, Camdyn

Playing with Austyn on Waikiki Beach....constantly smiling!!

The proud mommy and her young son.  Waikiki Beach

Playing with Austyn and Ainsley at home in OKC, OK.

The trademark "head tilt"...a Handall family characteristic!

School picture